A lot of students would go in, and they knew who they wanted as a teacher, and they went to Juilliard to study with them. But I had no idea, and so she picked me.  She was a fascinating teacher, because she had — in the same way that Dan Pessano — she had a lot to have to mold, because I was just so raw. I didn’t know anything about classical music, and I was still wanting to be on Broadway, but here I was studying classical music. So she kind of had to keep keeping my head in the game, and trying to keep me focused on classical music, and trying to keep me convinced that regardless of what I ended up doing with it, it was the right thing to pursue for now, just to get the technique.  Whereas maybe other teachers at the school got a little frustrated with me, she understood that I was young and a bit wild, but that there was talent there.  So she was a great supporter of mine at a time when I think maybe some of the other teachers might have just given up on me. She didn’t.