I think that I know my job pretty well, but I always think this way — now it’s not false modesty or anything — I’m never any better than my last job. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? In other words, I don’t always think that I’ve got it made and, “Hey, I’m B.B. King!” So and so. Never that. Never that because the people put you up there and they can cut you down like that. It’s just like the great God, this great spirit. We live and we die and I’m talking about if you die naturally you never know when it’s going to be. It can happen any time. So, I think in a way that we’re here — I’ve heard people use the word, “on borrowed time,” but I don’t know about that. I don’t think I borrowed it, but I think that I’m here and just as easy, cannot be here. So, I never think that I’ve got it made. I’ve known people that had a little money and overnight something happened — insurance no good — and what little money they had – bam – it’s gone.