I had sang with this group, sang with two groups. The first one was called the Elk Horn — like an elk’s horn — Jubilee Singers. That’s where I started in Kilmichael and I thought we was pretty good, but then when I moved to the Delta that broke up the group, and I started to sing with another group called the St. John Gospel Singers. And, I would usually sing as a lead singer, and I had started to play the guitar pretty good, so we was one of the few groups — gospel groups — that used the guitar. And, I thought we was good because we had singalong programs with some of the great, great gospel singers. We was like an opening act, open shows for them, and I personally thought we was pretty good. And, we would work our crops each year, and come harvest time we talked about leaving and going some place to record. Because there was no recording studios in the area, so we would have had to have gone to Greenwood, Greenville or to Memphis. And, I thought Memphis would be the best, because I had heard so much about Memphis and the things they was doing there. Each year for about three or four years we would talk about it, the guys and I, and every year one would say, “Well man, I didn’t make but two or three bales of cotton. I don’t have any money. I can’t leave now.” So, finally one day I said, “Well, I’m going to leave,” and that’s how I did it. I left and went to Memphis.