I have learned that blues singing is just like singing any other kind of song. You still try to tell the story. Your story may not be as — shall we say — some of the love songs that’s written by a lot of the great singers, or great writers I should say, but you have a soul, you have a heart, you have a feeling and your music is life. Life as we’ve lived it in the past, life as we’re living it today, and life as I believe we’ll live tomorrow, because it has to do with people, places and things. If it’s a man, we think in terms of the lady, the opposite sex. If it’s a woman she thinks in terms of the man, but it’s still love, even though we call it blues. The myth is everybody thinks it’s all sad because it started from the slaves. That is a myth. Some of it is, but tell me what music doesn’t have some sadness in it, and then I’ll try to learn a little bit more about the blues.