I happen to think that the great spirit God made us all, put us all here for a reason. And all of us have something to do, and I think we have — there’s a word I used to hear a lot called “Your Brother’s Keeper.” So I believe that I am my brother’s keeper. So, I think that there’s a place for playing the guitar. There’s a place for singing the blues. I’m harming nobody. People used the word quite often — there was a word, I guess, that came from the early slaves, when a person sang blues as I do or did, they call it “singing them old reels.” Now I haven’t found out yet what that meant, “the reels,” but I do know what they meant when they said “the Devil’s music.” But, I started thinking to myself, and I still do, they don’t equate a bus driver or a truck driver or the guy plowing the mules with working for the Devil. Why do my singing and my playing have to be working for the Devil? I tell stories like other people do in song. So, I started thinking, you know, maybe they got something for themselves, but I don’t see where I’m doing anything wrong to anyone, so why shouldn’t I? And, I started to work on it.