We heard about New York.  We heard about Los Angeles.  We heard about some, but Chicago seemed to be the place you could go and get you a nice car.  You could live anywhere you want.  You can marry anybody you want.  You could date anybody. I started to think about it a little.  I’d see people then that had lived up there and had come down and they would be dressed nicely and I still had on my overalls.  See overalls was a thing of wear that we had and you wore them every day.  Every day you had overalls on. Overalls is jeans with a bib, to me.  Well I’d wear them all the week.  On Friday night wash them, and dry them and iron them on Saturday morning, and wear them to church on a Sunday.  That’s why today I say to myself, “I love to see the young people wear comfortable things.”  I have some jeans at the house that I wear them at the house, but I swore if God let me live there is two or three things I would never do again: wear overalls; I would always have me enough to eat if I needed it; and food that I liked to eat.  Those three things I swore to myself, “If God let me get to be grown, these three things I’m going to have.”