Barry Scheck: Well, the state screws up the evidence all the time, but the defense does too. Which is another great tragedy, that inadequate defense lawyers cause miscarriages of justice as well.  But the bottom line, in terms of personal morality, it’s role-defined.  I have never had a problem being a criminal defense lawyer. I think it’s liberty’s last champion. If you care about liberty, and you care about a democracy and you care about it functioning properly — particularly for those who are the most despised — you want a good defense lawyer, because it’s the good defense lawyer that keeps the system honest, and keeps it running properly, and prevents miscarriages of justice.  And you have to have the guts to do it.  So I think it’s a noble calling.  It’s a hard job, but we really are liberty’s last champions. I have no doubt about it. But you know, the funny thing is, a lot of my colleagues, they said, “Well, you ceased being a defense lawyer a long time ago. You’re just getting innocent people out of jail and then suing on their behalf.  That’s easy to do.”  I mean, not easy, but I don’t sit around saying, “Oh gee, am I doing the wrong thing?” at night.  I feel pretty good about what we do.