Barry Scheck: The way that the Innocence Project really got started was this case of Marion Coakley, who was a man who was convicted of a rape based on the testimony of three eyewitnesses in the Bronx. That he broke into a motel and raped a woman and her boyfriend at gunpoint, and then put the woman in a car and drove to her home, and got more money from her relatives, and then abandoned the car and left. So there were these three eyewitnesses: the rape victim, her boyfriend, and the brother that gave money. And he had 17 alibi witnesses that he was at a prayer meeting in the other side of the Bronx — 17.  The reverend, all the members of the congregation, and anybody that knew Marion knew that he really couldn’t drive and he was probably incapable of making it from the prayer meeting to the motel and back.  There was really no way of explaining how he could have committed this crime.