Benazir Bhutto: It was a victory for women everywhere. I would really realize that when I won, and I got so many letters from other Muslim women, and more than that, from women within my own country who felt that it was now decent to work. I don’t know why. It’s a strange thing to say today, but in those days people thought that it was indecent for a woman to work and “good women” (in inverted commas) didn’t work.  It was a very strange world of divisions, and it liberated women.  They said, “The prime minister is a woman, why can’t we work?”  I remember being told a story about a lady who wanted to be a pilot, and went for an interview, and the chairman, who happened to be from the armed forces, laughed and said, “Come back to me when we have a woman prime minister.”   Well she did, and she got the job, and now there are more woman pilots too.