I thought my mother would be the prime minister, and that I’d work for her to be the prime minister, and that’s what I did. But my mother got sick and actually she had lung cancer, but we didn’t know she was getting Alzheimer’s. So she started behaving differently and we thought it’s because she’s had this serious illness, and she’s reflecting on how to lead her life. And suddenly I found that since mommy was away and the whole party was about to collapse unless I was there, so I started looking after the party at that stage. When I went back, I remember people were shouting, “Prime Minister Benazir!” And suddenly it struck me that “looking after” means — with mommy ill — “looking after” means that I will be the prime minister. So it was in that sort of moment when I realized the responsibility that I had taken over could lead me all the way to an office that could govern the destiny of more than 100 million Muslims in Pakistan.