They would have all these stories on about how there would be no summer jobs, and there would be riots in the streets because the kids wouldn’t have anything to do. A lot of kids just gave up and they said, “There’s not going to be any jobs.” But, I would just get on the bus and ride out somewhere and get off, and if I saw a business establishment I’d go knock on the door and say, “I’m a summer student, I need a job.” And, I usually got one. But, one time I couldn’t get a job, even that way, it was so bad. And, my creativity, I guess, went into another gear, and I decided to go to the Young and Rubicam Company. When I was applying to college, I had done my regional interview there, and I knew that the Executive Vice President would remember me, ’cause he had done my interview. So, I went up to the penthouse suite, waited ’til his secretary turned her back, and darted into his office. And he said, “Benjamin, how are you? How are things at Yale?” And, I said that “Things are wonderful, but I can’t find a job this summer.” And he said, “Did you try our personnel office?” I said no. Actually I had tried it. And, he said, “I’ll tell you what.” He picked up the telephone, and he called the personnel director. He says, “I know we’re not hiring this summer, but I have a young man here, and I’m going to send him down. I want you to give him a job.”