I think we’re in a better position as a nation for the 21st century than any other major country, but if you want to take advantage of it you can’t fight all the time. You’ve got to cooperate. If you want to take advantage of it you have to see diversity as a massive asset. If you want to take advantage of it you can’t be anti-immigrant because the native-born population’s birthrate is static. And having lost it, I can tell you youth matters to the productivity of a country. Having a median age that’s fairly young matters. You can’t ignore the fact that immigrants are twice as likely to start businesses as the native-born, and that the crime rate among immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, is half that of the native-born. So to pretend this is some great criminal problem and a drag on the economy is the reverse of what is true. It may be good politics at a time when people are angry and looking for somebody to blame, but we need to make some decisions here about the definition of citizenship. What does it mean to be an American? What does it mean to have an American community? What are we going to do? But if you want it to work for everybody again, cooperation is a much better model than conflict. Conflict may work in certain election circumstances, but this country was built by “let’s make a deal.”