Bill Clinton: It means, first of all, that you will be judged not by the color of your skin, or where you were born, or what your religion is or isn’t, or by your sexual identity. You will be judged by whether you are an honorable, decent person treating other people well, obeying the law, trying to be good at whatever you do, trying to learn more about whatever you care about, and treating other people with decency.   And that if we all do that, and then if we keep our eyes on the future, it means that each — every generation should be able to aspire to do more and different things, and when we lose the sense of basic decency toward each other, of mutual responsibility, when we think it’s more important to demean and degrade people and divide them than to lift ‘em up, we cannot preserve the American dream. It doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t work that way. It — every time we’ve had the American dream for a handful of people and in the words of Thomas Hobbs, “Poor, nasty, and brutish and short lives for everybody else,” it hasn’t worked out very well. This country is like an infinitely expanding universe of richness and opportunity, and if we decide to just dumb it down, shrink it down, mean it down, we could lose that. But so far everybody that’s bet against America in 225 years has lost money, and we have to hope that that will continue to be the case.