Bill Clinton:  There were a lot of brave people who stood up. It cost Martin Luther King and Medgar Evers and the three civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi, and Viola Liuzza and a lot of the others their lives, but they were on the right side of history, and they believed if they made this sacrifice that it would work out.  And whenever I get discouraged about everything they stood against rising up again, I realize there just are no public — or permanent — victories. You have to keep fighting for freedom. There is always an impulse to degrade people who are different from you, to diminish them, to demean them, and it never seems to go away, even when there is ample evidence that when we work together, we do better.  It’s not about material progress or personal comfort. It’s about personal identity, and there are still so many forces at work in the human psyche that lead some people to think that their identity require them to have someone to look down on or to demean or to feel that they’re superior to, and I think that that’s at the root of all this.