I just want possibility. I want people to have endless possibilities and to deal with them responsibly. We have all these interesting challenges now. No one knows whether automation and robotics, nanotechnology will kill more jobs than it creates. If it does, that presents a serious problem. What are we gonna do? Have a few of us work, support everybody else, or shorten the work week for everybody? If so, how do we get from here to there? No one knows yet how we’re going to stop cyber terrorism from wrecking honest discourse in democracy and maybe putting our very lives at risk, but I know this. We will not find the answer by spending all our time fighting each other and trying to use basically invasions of our cyberspace for short-term gain. This is something that requires us to take a deep breath and work together. So I think it is unlikely that climate change and species destruction, every conceivable thing you can think, can’t be managed, but I think it is impossible to imagine that it can be managed if we spend all our time majoring in the minors, trying to prove how much better we are than somebody else, trying to look down on somebody else, trying to keep people all torn up and upset all the time. Nothing good’s gonna come from that. This is a great country and a world full of the largest number of possibilities in human history. How dare those of us who already have it made take away from the next generation of children the chances we had? We ought to be thinking about expanding ‘em.