Bill Clinton: I got the job because I needed the work. I needed the money. My stepfather got sick when I was at Georgetown, and I was afraid my family didn’t have enough money for me to stay, and so I needed to go to work, and Senator Fulbright’s chief of staff was close to a man that I had worked with. By then I was working campaigns and stuff in Arkansas, and he called me one day, woke me up out of a cold sleep, and said, “You can come here.” He said, “You can have a part-time job for $3,500 a year or,” he said, “you can work full-time” — and some people did and went to school at night — “for $5,000 a year.” And I was still groggy, and I said, “I would like two part-time jobs.” He said, “You’re just the guy I’m looking for. Be here Monday morning.”  I’ll never forget it. It was Thursday morning. So I started packing, gassed up the car, got in on Saturday and drove up and showed up for work Monday.