Bill Clinton: I do think my mother had a lot to do with that (running again after begin defeated for re-election as Governor of Arkansas). It was not near as bad as having your husband die in a car wreck. He survives World War II, they got a great life planned, and he gets killed in a car wreck. Not because of a concussion, but because in a fluke the tire blows out on his car. He’s thrown out of the car. He lands in a ditch in a field, and the ditch is full of water, and he can’t get out of the ditch before he drowns. It made it look a little whiney for me to be all bent out of shape about losing an election, and I realized that it was a weird deal. It was 1980. It was Reagan’s election. It was a period not unlike now, widespread resentment over the stagnant economy, the Iran hostage crisis, and I bet I had 100 people coming to — I’m not exaggerating — coming to me and saying, “God, Bill, I didn’t know you were gonna lose. I just voted against you to ‘cause I didn’t like some of the things you’d done.”