I played in this dumb number of seventh games. You know — the last game. Either you win, or if you lose you go home. And I have a perfect record. Won all of them, including college and the Olympics. And so I was talking with the kids at the NBA, and first they asked me, “Were you scared?” I said no. “You weren’t scared?” No. So he comes in with five different ways of asking me was I scared. “Didn’t this scare you?” No, I was not scared. “Okay, were you nervous?” No. “You weren’t scared? You weren’t nervous?” No. In fact, Sam Jones and I kid about it all the time. Every seventh game that Sam was there, I came to the seventh game, I had a black suit on. And he says, “Why do you always wear a black suit to these games?” I said, “Because I’m the undertaker. I’ve come to bury these people!” Sam and I used to kid about that all the time. He says, “You always wear a black suit.” “Yep, I’m the undertaker. I come to bury these guys.” So finally — a guy kept asking was I nervous or was I scared. So finally I said, “Listen, there was no reason for me to be scared or nervous. I did not have to play against Bill Russell and the Celtics. What was there to be nervous or scared about?” You probably think I’m really modest, right?