I’m the coach, okay, and so I’m talking to my guys before the fifth game. And I says, “We’re going to beat these guys, and this is how we’re going to do it.” And we had a rookie on the team who’s now a judge in Boston, because he had an ailment, he had to retire, but he told me a few years ago, he said, “You know, I was in the locker room when you said that. That’s the most disciplined situation I’ve ever been in my life, because I had to discipline myself from falling out on the floor laughing, when you said we’re going to beat these guys.” He says, “They’re going to kill us!” And he says, “We haven’t got a chance!” And he sat there and watched the whole thing happen. And he says that’s one of the wonders of his life, because I said it with complete confidence. And then I said, like I said earlier, “We don’t have to win three games in a row. We’ve just got to win one.” You see, after we won two of them, the pressure completely shifts. The pressure is on them. You’re up three to one, and how do you lose three straight?