You see, when Jerry was a rookie with the (Lakers), that was the year that the Lakers moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.  That’s where the name Lakers comes from, the Minnesota Lakers, because of all the lakes in Minnesota.  When Jerry was a rookie, and we — the Celtics — came out to the West Coast to California and welcomed and introduced the Lakers to the West Coast. So we played I think 16 or 17 exhibition games, starting in San Diego all the way up to San Luis Obispo. And so we were just living together for a month.  And Elgin Baylor — we had been friends since I was in college — and Jerry was a rookie and Elgin was a star, and Elgin sort of mentored Jerry.  So everywhere Elgin went, Jerry went. And so we, all of us were, no matter who they were, rookies in the league. I know that all the people I know welcomed the rookies, because they could make our game better.  And that’s what most of us were interested in, was making our game the best that we could make it.