Jerry was a very, very competitive, very intelligent ballplayer. That’s one of the things that I like to tell folks about these great basketball players is that the greater they are, the smarter they are. And that no guy can reach the top of his field without knowing what he’s doing. The Lakers, like West and Chamberlain and Baylor, and a host of other guys who I knew quite well, they were at the wrong place at the right time, because you know, everybody says we beat the Lakers all the time. While that is true, the other thing you have to consider is we beat everybody! It wasn’t just the Lakers. A guy was telling me something about we lost one year and how I had had remarkable success against Wilt. I said, “If you can win eight straight championships you’ve beaten everybody.” There’s not one person that you said, “Well, I beat him.” You beat everybody! And that’s the way we felt about it. And as far as I can figure for myself, there was never any animosity towards other players.