Finally, the night before we published came the critical moment, and we were in my house. The reporters were all there, and the editors were there, working on the copy, and there was some guy writing for the next morning. And there came a time when we had to get her, ‘okay,’ and the lawyers started off by telling her –the lawyer was one of the greatest men, even though he didn’t approving of publishing it — but the way he told her that was just so important. He said, “I think on balance I am against it.” I mean, he didn’t tear his hair out and say, “God damn it, Katharine, you can’t do this. It risks the whole thing.” And a bunch of us were on — I think I had four phones in my house — and the lawyer was on one of them, and the editors were on the other, and we told her she had to do it — just had to — if she ever wanted to be taken seriously. I mean, I shudder to think the way we put it. But she finally said, “Well, okay. I say we publish it.” And three of the journalists all hung up immediately, because we didn’t want any — we had what we came for, and we didn’t want to let her change her mind. And we published the next day. We missed the first edition, but we published it the second edition, which came out at 11 o’clock at night, 11:30.