You know, I haven’t missed a day of work in 31 years. From the first day of school to the end, I had perfect attendance. There’s a value that everybody understands in their own life: the importance of showing up and committing to something. And I thought particularly it was good. Ernie Tyler had worked at the stadium. At the time, he was an umpire attendant. He took care of the umpires, did the balls behind home plate. He hadn’t missed a game, a home game in 31 years. You know, and he voluntarily ended his streak by coming to my Hall of Fame ceremony, which was a really good tribute and a good honor.

But it’s amazing. It’s important to people to show up. It’s important people to commit to that. So the joy was to hear all the different stories, and what was important to them and how they haven’t missed a day. You find out a lot of times, when the going gets tough, sometimes people disappear, whether it’s in business, whether it’s on the team, when you really need to have them show up, they’re not there. So I think people take great pride in no matter what happens, good or bad, rain or shine, I’m going to be there. I think that most people think that is a good trait.