I try to keep things in perspective, which is probably one of the greatest things my parents gave me. Just because you can hit and throw doesn’t mean that you’re different. You should keep that in perspective, everybody has their own talents, and everybody should earn their way and that sort of thing. So I always try to keep things in perspective, and perspective on fame. I wasn’t someone that wanted to pound my chest and say, “Look at me,” you know. But because I was good in baseball and because I got attention and because people did name their dogs after me, and they knew my name, that was an issue, you know. And how was I supposed to deal with that? How was I going to deal with that with my own, my own son, or my own kids?

And sometimes I think it was a great burden to have the expectations created, and they had to deal with that in their own way, I could try to explain it to them, but I think one of the good things that I did was not give my son… You know, he’s named Ryan Calvin, so he has my first name, and I’m proud of that. But I tried to alleviate some of the burden and I try to explain to them, in real simple terms, that they should maintain perspective.