Cal Ripken Jr.: So the question is: Can you really teach awareness? Because sometimes – You can teach all kinds of things, how to throw a baseball, how to catch a baseball, how to hit a baseball, how to hold it, all that, but some of the other things, can you really teach someone to be aware in the moment? Like where multiple things are happening, you know? On the baseball field I felt that I had that sort of awareness, I could sit back on a play, there was a play developing where a guy was going to get thrown out at third. I could sit in the cut-off spot and I could move back a little bit, and then I could start to take in some data.

I could see the ball coming in at a certain time, the runners coming in at a certain speed, looks like a race is developing between these two. I could see if the ball is fading or it has good pace on it. Is it accurate? Is it going to bounce good to the third baseman? Should I let it go or should I not? And then I could see the runner come in that hit the ball and I could see them running past first base, and I could see, okay, he’s out if I cut the ball off.  And so there’s a lot of people that can’t take all that in at that same time. So, I kept thinking, how do you teach awareness? How do you teach, you know – And I think it’s such a good thing to be aware in this space.