Cal Ripken Jr.: When you’re in the zone, and I can tell you, it seems like things happen in slow motion. You know, if somebody is throwing the ball, and you’re hitting the ball really well, you might have 50,000 people in the stands going nuts. You might be a great big moment in the game and we talked about pressure a little bit, and all of a sudden, you’re trying to deal with that pressure. And all of a sudden you get into this spot, and then all of a sudden everything goes quiet, and the pitcher gets ready to throw the ball, and the ball comes out of his hand, and it seems like it’s tumbling towards you. And then you’re looking at it and you might think, “Okay, I think he’s going to throw a breaking ball here,” and then you, “No, that’s a fastball.”  And then I think I’ll swing and then you — pow! — and the ball comes off your bat and goes wherever really hard, and then as you start to run to first base, the crowd comes back, and the speed comes back in the game, or whatever else, and you get on second base, and you go, “How did I do that?”