There should be some honor in the game, that when you’re playing and you’re competing against somebody, in the other way, that there’s certain things that you wouldn’t do. But I’m not saying, I’m not going to say the catcher never tried to get inside your head or you didn’t try to get inside his head a little bit, but for the most part, there was a respect that they didn’t rag on you when you were trying to hit and all that kind of stuff.

I guess there were times when I remember my dad’s story and the times when he played, and he was a catcher, he would do that, or somebody tried to do that to him, he would step out of the batter’s box and said, “Look, if you keep talking I’m going to hit you right in the mask with this bat!” And then it would stop all the chatter, and then go back in. But I can tell you, you can use any sort of getting inside your head to your advantage by proving somebody wrong, and many times, because you do it so often, you’re playing the game so often that if you’re struggling… There was an old saying that is you should let them struggle, don’t wake them up. And you can wake somebody else up by doing those things that you’re talking about, or provoking them, or sometimes throwing at you. You might wake the hitter up to a point of concentration and then you pay for it.