One can write comfortable novels, become a best seller, make yourself simpatico to a lot of readers. That’s not my way. I want to take a risk with every book I write, and pose challenges to myself and to the reader. Sometimes I’m not an easy read, but I want the reader to come along with me and realize that he’s climbing a mountain with me, that sometimes it may be difficult and sometimes even useless — I don’t care. But I’m not going to make the path just easy by writing something that I know will be popular or easy to read. That’s not in my nature. I would rather rewrite my books the way I have already written them than debase myself in some way and say, “Now this is easy. Munch it up. It’s easy to digest.” No, no, no. Life is hard, difficult. Thought is difficult. Situations are extreme, and you must make an effort with the writer to travel this road. It is not easy for you. It wasn’t easy for me either. But maybe there is a reward at the end. Maybe there isn’t a reward. Maybe you have failed. But if there is a reward at the end of a hard trail, then you’ve done a good job.