My challenge for the next seven years — first, three years, and then seven, the first step for three years and the second step seven, a challenge is to create the human and physical capital in our countries, in Latin America. That’s now my challenge. That is what I am more involved and interested in. Health, nutrition, health education and jobs and physical infrastructure. That means airports, ports, roads, highways, power plants, energy, telecommunications, et cetera, and housing, and that’s what I am trying to do within the last years. I left my boards outside Mexico and in Mexico, and I’m concentrating in this challenge, to look how our countries have more human capital and physical capital, trying to help that and to support that, by looking at it through the foundations that I create and through the investment. I believe that poverty is not fought with donation of charity. You cannot fight poverty with debt relief donations and social programs. You fight poverty only with a good education and jobs. Jobs is the way to fight poverty, and in the past, the problem of poverty was an ethical problem, a moral problem, a problem of social justice. Today, in this new civilization, to fight poverty is an economic need. If you don’t fight poverty, the country doesn’t develop. In the past, you have slaves. You fight for earth, for soil, and people work for nothing. Now you don’t need the physical labor. You need mental knowledge, labor that knows training, skilled labor, and that’s why you need the education and the human capital. That’s what I’m convinced of, and that’s what I’m working for. That’s what now I am most interested in.