In insurance, if you make the insurance of one car, it’s gambling.  It’s risky.  If you make insurance of 100,000 cars, it’s statistics.  It’s clear these risks are not like one car; this is big numbers.  Statistics work with big numbers, not with one. When there are other businesses — let’s say we’re talking with prepaid telecommunications.  When we think about the prepaid and we talk about the prepaid business, what I like (about) the business was they have many positive things.  No?  Actually, I call it the “Gillette Plan” because in Gillette, you sell the razor — or you promote the razor — to sell shaves.  Here, we were promoting the handsets, subsidizing handsets to sell phone cards.  That was the concept. The concept was make a design of a packaging to have it in the supermarkets and to sell them. That you go, and like you buy a razor, you buy a telephone. You have all this great presentation, it’s special, et cetera, et cetera.