We were only two or three Mexican groups and 12 or 14 foreign groups, and we began to talk with all the foreign groups. We talk with maybe eight or ten, and we like a lot, as we see. We like France Télécom, and we agree to go for Telmex with them. Actually, we bought 25 percent of the company, not 100 percent — 25. Telmex was already in the stock exchange. The government has the majority. It was not 100-percent owned by the government. It was 50-something, and we paid like eight or ten times the value it had three years before. And we bought. Grupo Carso, not me. Grupo Carso, that was a public company. We bought five percent, 5.1, something like that, and SBC bought ten percent. The French bought 5.2, something like that. Another group of Mexicans, 5.2, and we bought that. The biggest stockholder was Southwestern Bell — afterwards called SBC — and in the market, many people win a lot of money, because the stock went from nothing to — we paid $8.6 billion for the 100 percent. That is 1.7 for the 20 percent. The mobile service was there. We had 25,000 customers, something like that. Now we have 150 million. We grew 66 percent for 15 years, every year.