I believe in circumstances, and I think that you make your own destiny, but your own destiny depends on the circumstances, and that in some way, you can say that circumstances take you to some destiny, but I believe in the freedom to create your own future. No? Because if it’s not there, it’s another place, but you will find it. It’s very clear just by common sense, the growing of mobile, because of many reasons. First, it is cheaper, because there are not the paraphernalia that you have in land line. You have a copper (wire) going from each home to other home, and big copper (wires) to the centrals. It’s very complicated, a land line company. No? A land line network. It’s like a water or power line. You need to have the pipe. You cannot send water by wireless, or energy, but you can send voice by wireless. You know about broadband TV. You know that with a big antenna, you (can) send to every place the signal. Well, if you can develop a network that you don’t need wire and cable and copper and all this, that means that is a lot more efficient and cheaper than the other. When you’re giving a land line, you are giving a land line to a house, to a home, but mobile is for a person, and there are more persons than houses. No? You can have maybe three or four persons per house. That means that if you have 20 million or 25 million houses, you have 100 million persons, and it is cheaper. The operation is a lot cheaper for communication.