Garry Moore, when I was on his show way back, he used to open the show — but not tape it, not be on tape — but he would warm up the audience by doing Q and A. And I heard him, he was just wonderful with it. So when I was going to do my show, it was suggested not to get one of those guys who come out and tell jokes and warm up the audience before you start to tape, but come out so that the audience sees me as I really am before I start putting on the fat suit, and blacking out my teeth, and the wigs and the different characters, but be Carol and do Q and A. But then they suggested taping it, and I was a little worried about that, again, because I wouldn’t know — and I didn’t want a plant. I didn’t want anything that I would know, because I wanted it to be off the cuff, and if I had egg on my face, that’s the way it would be. So the first show I went out and I’m like, “Any questions?” First of all, I was afraid nobody would ask anything, and then I was afraid they would. But it started to catch on after we were on for about three or four weeks, and people came ready to ask questions and do things. So it became a lot of fun, because it was total improv, but the audience was my partner.