I didn’t have very much money when I went to Cal Tech. I had been at Duke University before that, and I wanted to go to Cal Tech, which I felt at that time was the best place in physics during that period, as I believe it was. Oppenheimer was there, Millikan was there, and many other very well-known people. I could not, however, get a fellowship or any help at Cal Tech. Coming from a relatively small school, Furman University, and then at Duke, the competition was too fierce, and I just didn’t get any help at Cal Tech. But I had saved up five hundred dollars and I decided, well, I’ll take my five hundred dollars and I’ll go to Cal Tech, and see how long I can last. And so I was rather abstemious when I got there. And I got together with another student who also didn’t have any excess money, and we slept on this sleeping porch all the first year. And then, fortunately, Cal Tech gave me a teaching assistantship, which from then on allowed me to pay my expenses there.