The thing that really excites me is finding new ideas and new principles, and I wanted to find out new things about anything that I encountered. Now in fact, how I did that is I started with the knowledge that I had, and I thought about, “Now what direction can I go in, where I think there’s a new idea that people have missed and where I should explore?” In other words, you look at a territory and try to figure out, now is it interesting to go this way, or that way, and what might I find there, and what would be most interesting, from the territory that you know. And so I projected forward from what I knew, of course. Everyone has to. And I asked, “What’s the most interesting thing to try to do with what I know, and that I think might be possible and other people have somehow missed so far?” And I worked in those directions. And then from that I would branch off in another direction, perhaps later, after that had worked through. And in fact, I’ve branched off in a variety of directions. Part of my pleasure is to try new fields. To look at new things. I work in one direction for a while, and that’s fascinating and interesting, and after I feel, well, that’s been explored now and it’s become popular — other people know about it and other people are working there — now I want to go off by myself in a different direction.