I was young in most of my grades, too. Younger than the other children. I didn’t put on long pants as soon as other children did. My parents felt short pants were okay, and it didn’t bother me. But I got picked on, just for being a little different. Now I’ve always thought that actually that was very good training. My parents believed in what they believed, and they taught me to do that too, and to not worry if somebody else doesn’t agree with you. That’s a very important aspect of creativity. Because in looking at things that other people may not think are useful or good or right, and you have to decide for yourself what’s important. And that’s a part of certainly the scientific tradition. You have to think things through yourself. And just because somebody else doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean you should stop. That’s just the time you ought to think hard, see who really is right. So this being picked on a little bit, I don’t think it was a bad thing. And it didn’t trouble me all that much.