They realized they really had a prize. And, of course, they probably felt a little bit strange, especially V. M. Slipher, because he had gone through the platal field and missed Pluto one year earlier — missed it on the plates. He was doing blinking. He wanted to be the one to find Pluto, and he failed. So, I suppose, he probably felt a little chagrined, but he realized and knew that I had something because the aspects were very convincing.  So then they got in touch with the observatory trustee who was living in Massachusetts — he’s Lowell’s nephew — and told him about it. So it was kept secret for a few weeks so we could follow it, and we could learn more about it so we could publish more about it when it came out.  Because we knew that when it was announced, there’d be an avalanche — and there was. It exceeded what we expected. So we kept it secret for about three weeks.