Our sun isn’t so peculiar as to be the only one out of — well, octillions of stars — to be the only one having life on it. That’s totally against the odds. Even you have only one star out of 10,000 that has a planet that is right for life, the number of stars in the skies — we know now from sampling with the big telescopes — there are a number of stars as ten to the 21st power. Now that doesn’t mean anything until I tell you that the number of grains of sand in all of the earth’s ocean beaches are only ten to the 19th power. So there are a hundred stars to every grain of sand in all the ocean’s beaches. Now if they’re not all sterile, then how could there be? You have to realize there’s this enormous potentiality of trillions of planets out there with alien civilizations on them. We are not the center of the universe. We are not all that important. And we’re not alone. So that’s my perspective.