I had no idea. When we got on the ship to go to California, it was my first trip outside Hawaii. We had no idea where we were headed for. When we got to Oakland the word came down we were going to Mississippi. And the only thing that most of us could think about in Mississippi was what we read. They lynch people there. That’s what you read in the papers. So the outlook wasn’t that good. We got on the train, and we were told that whenever we approached a city, a word will come down and we bring down the shade. Understandably, because if we went through this railroad station and the shades were up, and people looked in and saw me, they would think I’m a prisoner of war. I look Asian. So they thought the best way to avoid problems is to lock up the train, and we would lift up the shades when we left the town or the village or the city. So we saw beautiful America — Grand Canyon and places like that. But when we got to Mississippi — this must have been about five days later — we expected the worst, and lo and behold, there were about 50 women lined up at the train station in gray Red Cross uniforms. They were all white women. And it was quite an eye-opener, because in Hawaii I had never been served by a white woman. Most of the waitresses and waiters where I went to dine, the little coffee shops and such, were all Japanese or Chinese or Filipinos. So this was elegant white ladies serving us coffee and donuts. And then, later on, several families opened their farms and invited us to come over. But the real kicker was the U.S.O. About a month after we arrived there, they sent an invitation: “We’re having a dance for you. So if you’re interested, we’ll be at this auditorium,” what have you. And I decided I’d go. My first dance was with a blonde! Never had one before. That’s achievement! When you consider coming up with the background I had, it was an achievement. How can you ever forget that? It was very pleasant. It gave us a little drive that America wasn’t bad, even if they declared that I was an enemy alien. And I was an enemy alien until the end of the war.