You must keep in mind that my mother was a devout Methodist. She was a member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Saloon busters, you know? So going to church was part of my life. At the time of December the 7th, I was a Sunday school teacher. Sang in a choir. I would say I was a good Christian boy. Believed in the Bible. I still do. The Ten Commandments. And so here I am now in uniform, and we get out to the firing range, and I find that I’m the best shot in the company. I couldn’t make sense of it, because I had never fired a gun in my life. And the instructor said, “That’s why you’re good. You don’t have any bad habits. You just follow instructions.” So my first assignment, which lasted about a month, I was a sniper. But then they made me an assistant squad leader, so they gave me a couple of stripes.