So here I am, I get to the hospital at midnight. I’m in a room about — oh, five times this size — it was a tent. And you can see hundreds of stretchers lined up, and some of the men are dead, some are severely wounded. And there were about three or four teams of doctors and nurses going up and down the line and they’re mumbling.  But after awhile I’m watching them, and it became very clear that they were deciding. This one? “Immediately in the surgical room, because he needs treatment.” Next one? “You can wait. Not that serious.” The third category? “God bless you.” Well when the doctors came by, and the nurses, they looked me over and they put me in that category. Category three, that they say good-bye. Because the hospital had so much in resources and so many nurses, and so many doctors, and so many beds. They couldn’t accommodate all. And some of them were already dead or unconscious. So when the chaplain came by, and he’s following the doctors, he came by and he looked at me. “Son, God loves you.” I said, “Oh yes, I know God loves me. I love God too, but I’m not ready to see him.” He looked at me, he said, “You’re serious, aren’t you?” I said, “Absolutely. I’m not ready to go yet.” He ran up to the doctors, and I don’t know what he said, he was mumbling away. Doctors came by, looked me over, shipped me out right away to the operating room. I had to do my first surgical procedure without anesthesia because they were afraid that I might not wake up. See how lucky I am?