Daniel Inouye: Well up until then I’d killed many Germans, I won’t tell you. This is one secret, because you must keep in mind that if you run across a dog driving, would you ever forget that? You could never forget that, that bump. It’ll haunt you for the rest of your life. Imagine if you killed a human being. You’re not going to forget that. Well I killed many, but this was at a time when I was still a sergeant, not an officer yet. And the machine gun on the second floor had been firing at us and killed one of the men and I was angry. We charged up there, there were three Germans, two were dead and one was alive, but he was sitting on the floor, back against the wall, his legs were wounded. His hands were up, “Kamerad! Kamerad!” And I didn’t speak German worth anything, so I proceeded towards him. Then suddenly he stuck his hand in his jacket, like this. My initial and natural reaction was, this fool is going for his gun. So I swung my rifle up, hit his face on the butt, and he was dead. His hand flew out and up came a packet of photographs of his wife and kids. That’s what he wanted to show me, that he was a father, he was married, he’s got children, so be good to me. I killed him. You don’t forget that.