David Boies:  I’m proud of the Bush v. Gore, even though we lost. I think that the example that we gave to the country was an important example. I think that the record that we made was important in convincing the people, and convincing the court not to repeat it. Even though we didn’t win that case, I think the controversy that ensued, in part because of the record we made, I think has been helpful in limiting the extent to which that kind of interference with the democratic political process will be repeated. I also think that the way that case was conducted, with Ted Olson and what Ted and his team did, together with what we did, showed the American people that even the most contentious issues can be resolved in the courts, and while I might disagree with how it was resolved, I think everybody on both sides, the lawyers there, believe that it was resolved in a way that gave the legal process credibility, and everybody involved in the case acted with professionalism and integrity. And after the fact, everybody united together to say, “This is the final decision. We’ve all got to abide by it and move on.”