David Boies: In 2008, California passed so-called Proposition 8 that banned marriage between anybody of the same sex. It just declared that marriage was limited to a man and a woman. And that was contrary to what California law had been immediately preceding that, because the California Supreme Court earlier in 2008 had declared that, under the state constitution, any loving couple had a right to get married. Now when that was changed, that deprived gay and lesbian citizens of the right to get married. And Ted Olson and I brought a lawsuit to challenge Proposition 8 under the federal constitution. And ultimately, the judge ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage violated the federal constitution, violated the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses of the federal constitution, and invalidated Proposition 8. And that decision was ultimately sustained by the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court on the grounds that the people on the other side, the defendants, really didn’t have standing to oppose the judgment.