I grew up in a real hotbed of underwater photography, which was New York City, New York, right in the heart of the city.  And you know, when you’re an eight-year-old kid growing up in the city, in the summer a lot of us were sent to camp in the Adirondacks in the mountains.  And I hated it.   It was mountains and I had asthma.  I managed to wheeze my way up a few Adirondack peaks. I didn’t like the horse.  I didn’t particularly like baseball.  They sent me down to the waterfront where two enormous 14-year-old counselors said, “Hey kid, why don’t you go under the dock and clean out all the branches?” and, “Here’s a mask.”  A blue French mask.  I remember it absolutely distinctly as an eight-year-old, as an eight-year-old kid.  I put the mask on my face, molded it to my face, I put my head under water and my life changed.  And that I knew — for some reason I knew — at that point, that is the direction I wanted to take.