David Doubilet: Light is everything in the ocean.  You’re right.  And the first few feet of water, the color red disappears, and bit by bit, most of that end of the spectrum goes.  So that by the time you’re at 60 feet, red is black.  The color red is black.  And strangely enough, if you cut yourself, you’d bleed green.  Now if you take down a strobe, an electronic flash, that the inventor of the electronic flash, Dr. Harold Edgerton — who’s a teacher of mine when I was at university — said to me, “It’s like a bottle of sunlight.” And if you uncork that bottle of sunlight — in other words, push the trigger of the camera — the reef, or anywhere else underwater, explodes with light. And you see colors that have never really been seen before because they’re not colors of the surface. They’re colors beneath the sea, and they have an extraordinary palette: brilliant reds yellows, oranges.  Colors you can’t even imagine.