Oh my God, is there a picture?  Well, the honest answer to that —  Is there a picture?  It’s the next picture obviously that I dream about taking.  But there’s all sorts of things I would like to see.  Pictures from Iceland that I would like to take.  Pictures going back to the shallow coral shelves of atolls in French Polynesia. Pictures of coral.  Pictures of penguins.  Pictures of icebergs.  We’re doing a lot of work shooting icebergs that are half in, half out of the water.  Remember an iceberg is the metaphor for the ocean.  A little bit above, a lot below, unseen, unheard of, faintly sculptural, intensely amazing.  That’s an iceberg.  And if you can shoot the picture half above and half below, that’s a wonderful way to go about it.  I do a lot of pictures like that.  I love these pictures when you’re looking at the surface and you’re looking beneath the surface.