I made a lot of pictures that seem to have legs on them. One of them, of course, was the circle of barracuda, because it’s an image of humans and the sea. The other is a picture of a stingray and a sailboat under a slightly overcast sky in Grand Cayman Island in North Sound.  And the sky, which was going in and out of clouds — slightly overcast, in and out, bits of sun — had a softness to it.  And I’ve never shot a picture quite like that.

Fishermen would anchor on the sandbar behind the barrier reef in North Sound — white, white sand — and they’d clean their catch. And southern stingrays, which have always been considered up to then a fairly fearsome creature, you really didn’t want to step on them because they could do some fairly decent harm to your ankles or your calf when they shot their barb at you. They were kind of a feared creature.  A couple of divers, friends of mine, went out there and they said well, we could feed these stingrays maybe, and see what happens.  They went out there with a little bit of bait, a little bit of squid, and they fed the stingrays and the stingrays began to flock around him.  And the pictures were marvelous — white sand and beautiful flying creatures.