David Doubilet: We dove at night.  We would anchor over a lily forest and light up the lily forest with their big HMI movie lights.  And it became something otherworldly. It became an exercise in a living Art Deco — or actually, living Art Nouveau — it was unbelievably beautiful.  But at the end of the edge of the pool of light, you could see two eyes. The glowing — they glow like coals.  Those are the eyes of the crocodiles.  And if they’re this far apart, they’re small, but if they’re this far apart, they’re very large.  This far apart is almost a foot wide.  And as these eyes got closer and closer and closer, our guides, Andy and Brad Bestelink, would say, “David! Jennifer! Get out of the water! Get out now!” And I would say, “One more picture,” because I’d be looking around mesmerized.