Time and place. You, all of us, each of us, is limited to how much time we have on Earth by the biological clock. Now do we want, therefore, to have the experience of being alive constrained to that time only? No. It would be like saying, “You live there. You must stay in that one spot where you are in space all of your life.” So you are no more required to stay in one spot in time than you are in space and that time travel you can do is in history. It’s in the past, which is the larger experience of humankind on Earth. And the past isn’t just history in the usual literal sense. It’s music, art, history. It’s culture, language, culture, and you can experience all of that, the more you know, because you can go back as far as you want, out as far as you want, and suddenly you’re infinitely more alive, and that’s what history is about. History is about life, about people.